Nail Dazzle and French NailDazzle kit - pens, polish paint & brushes for nail decorating designs

Creating fingernail designs should be fun and easy, and with the Arlington TX payday loans as seen on tv nail dazzle decorating kit you’ll have a great time making beautiful nails for yourself! The nail dazzle guide books instructs you on the basics of nail painting and gives you lots of great ideas for beautiful finger nails. If you’ve been wondering where to buy the nail dazzles, they're available right through this site.

Each quick drying nail paint capsule comes with two brushes, a normal brush for painting on a base coat, and a second, finer brush for making more precise designs. Nail dazzle polish paint is the perfect way to make your own beautiful nails without spending a fortune or expending your time at a nail salon! It also makes for a fabulous gift to a young girl who is interested in the world of beauty or for anybody who just likes painted nails! The nail dazzle kit costs only $12.95 and is ready for immediate shipping.

Additionally, we also offer the nail dazzle French kit which has softer, more refined colors. The nail dazzles French kit also comes with the French manicure pen to get more intricate designs on the soft colors. The nail dazzle French manicure kit costs $12.95 (same price as the original nail dazzle as seen on tv) and both are in stock and available for immediate shipping.

the as seen on tv Nail Dazzle kit

Nail painting has never been more easy or fun when you use all of the nail dazzle pens and brushes.

Click Here to order the Original Nail Dazzle for $12.95
Nail Dazzle French Manicure Kit

Nail Decorating with the NailDazzle French Kit for a manicured look

Click Here to order the Nail Dazzle French Kit for $12.95

Our years of doing business over the internet with different nail decorating kits as seen on TV has helped us bring some of the best quality service in the industry. Our nail dazzle polish paint prices are so low because we produce in bulk, manage effectively, and run sufficient economies of scale, especially with fingernail designs.

So where can I buy the Nail Dazzle Kit?

Order the Original Nail Dazzle for $12.95

Order the Nail Dazzle French Kit for $12.95

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