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Maintaining a clean surface on a Chandler AZ payday loans hard surfaced requires consistency, time, and energy – yet everybody wants to be able to enjoy the benefits and appeal of a shiny, dust-free floor! If you hire a maid, you might per her $75 or so to clean your home once per week, but dust builds up quickly on hard surfaces and is easily noticeable!

The robo maid is a robot floor duster – it does the job completely by itself! There’s a robotic ball with censors built into the robotic sweeper unit that moves it around your hard floored surface. You can set the robot sweeper to a certain time to clean a floor, and the moving sensor ball recharges so you can use it indefinitely. The motorized floor sweeper comes with 12 electrostatic pads that pick up dust, lint, and hair like a magnet. The robo-maid robot floor dust mop senses objects like walls and furniture, so it won’t slam into your various fixtures around the house (or any pets if you have them – this is completely Pet Friendy!).

Best of all, you won’t spend 100 or 200 dollars for a robotic floor cleaner. The robomaid is only 10 DOLLARS! Yes, shipping and handling is extra, but the unit itself is only 10 dollars! The time you save consistently keeping your hard floor clear of dust, lint, and hair is worth much more than this! Order the robomaid floor duster today and enjoy its benefits forever.

Basic Picture of the robot floor sweeper:
To review the robotic sweeper, just watch the video below of the robomaid:

You may need to adjust your volume to hear about the robotic floor cleaners

The Robo-Maid is only $10. This really is a ROCK BOTTOM PRICE for a robotic floor duster.

to place your order for the Robomaid through the official "As Seen From TV" products network website.

Our years of doing business over the internet with different robot floor dust mop products from TV has helped us bring some of the best quality service in the industry. Our prices are so low on motorized floor sweeper products because we produce in bulk, manage effectively, and run sufficient economies of scale.

Click Here to Order the Robo Maid

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Interested in other items from our As-Seen-On-TV-Product-Store like robotic floor cleaners?

The best duster that this other site thinks is out there for dusting the floors is the Robomaid according to their reviews.

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